We Happy Few’s Joy Gets a Creepy Drug Ad Parody Video

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few launches in just under a month; thus, the marketing output is picking up steam. On the heels of an unsettling gameplay trailer, another video has gone live. However, this new look at the forthcoming release does not feature gameplay. Rather, it shows a glimpse of the world via a parody drug advertisement video. The live-action clip runs one-minute long, and perfectly depicts the horrors of We Happy Few’s reality. Check it out below:

The video comes from the fictional Haworth Labs, which has no relation to the Cincinnati College of Medicine’s Haworth Lab. A woman stands in an open field, pleasantly caressing her very confused dog, while lauding the benefits of taking Joy. Apparently, these benefits include eradicating all feelings of sadness, which in turn ensures that those prescribed the drug experience perpetual bliss. She doesn’t remember the pain from her former life. However, we see glimpses of the woman trapped in a dark room, disheveled and unhinged.

Most interesting is the text that runs along the bottom of the video. Mirroring actual drug advertisements, side effects are listed in small print. They range from “giddiness” and “memory loss” to “sudden death.” Haworth Labs recommends users cease taking the drug should the more drastic side effects come to pass. Yet, taking it again “as soon as possible” is also advised. Suffice it to say, the citizens of Wellington Wells are experiencing life on the edge.

Announced in early 2015, We Happy Few finally launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 10.

[Source via Twinfinite]