fortnite laser tag

A Real-Life Fortnite Laser Tag Park is Now Open (and Completely Unofficial)

The weird and wonderful world of flouting copyright law can often throw up a few fantastic ventures to raise a giggle. Not content with keeping Fortnite in the virtual world, a UK-based activity company has devised their own Fortnite laser tag battle royale that looks strikingly similar to Epic’s efforts.

The Facebook page (and subsequent website that has to be seen to be believed in terms of sheer disregard for intellectual property) is pretty liberal in chucking out the F-word. But that’s nothing in comparison to the area’s three zones and shop. There’s Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and even fan-favorite Tilted Towers. And toilets. Maybe that’s something Epic is keen to include in Season 6?

If you’re eager to have a whizz round the activity area then the park, which opened on July 14, is still, as of writing, open for business. You’d best be quick, though. I imagine they’d be taking the L pretty soon. And by L, I mean litigation.

[Source: Eurogamer]