Geralt’s Mo-Cap Actor Slices and Dices in The Witcher and Fruit Ninja Crossover Video

We miss The Witcher‘s Geralt, and we miss him a lot. CD Projekt RED is busy right now with Cyberpunk 2077. If you were thinking about whether or not we’ll ever see a new The Witcher game, well, The Witcher 4 is certainly being discussed. Anyways, The Witcher’s motion capture actor for Geralt, Maciej Kwiatkowski, has joined forces with professional artisan armorer Alan Padziński to try a little real-life Fruit Ninja.

Clearly, these guys have a major dispute with various fruits, especially watermelons. The two dudes exhibit their sword-fighting skills in this lovely video:

Padziński is a HEMA instructor (Historical European Martial Arts) and sword performer who uses a variety of pretty slick moves while equipping kick-ass armor. The Fruit Witcher has a range of sword-fighting videos on his channel. This latest tribute includes cosplaying, special effects, and the guest appearance of Maciej Kwiatkowski. Yes, Kwiatkowski is the man behind all of Geralt’s in-game moves. In the segment, we see a Witcher head to a monster-infested riverbank filled with unknown enemies.

Watching this beautifully directed and filmed swordplay makes me want to dive back into The Witcher series. Anybody else planning on replaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? It would give us something to do until CD Projekt Red finally completes Cyberpunk 2077.

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[Source: VG247]