No Man’s Sky Was One of the Most Played Games in the World Across All Platforms This Week

Hello Games’ co-founder Sean Murray has revealed that following its NEXT update, No Man’s Sky was one of the most played games in the world across all platforms this week.

The screenshot above is from Steam but Murray presumably has access to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One data as well. We’re not sure if he’s unable to share numbers provided by Sony and Microsoft or merely chose not to. One thing’s for certain: the release of No Man’s Sky NEXT has revived interest in the game. After a period of notable silence, Murray himself appears content with where the studio is at the moment.

No Man’s Sky has grown to be a very broad game, ambitious, technically unique and very pretty at times, all the more impressive for a team that is still small,” he recently wrote in a blog in which he issued a mea culpa. “Certainly one regret is that the intensity and drama of launch left no room for communication with the community.”

Have any of our readers been playing No Man’s Sky lately?