Days of Summer Comes to Call of Duty: WWII, New Map First on PlayStation 4

The Call of Duty Days of Summer event is back! Starting today and running through August 28, all kinds of wacky stuff is coming to Call of Duty: WWII. Celebrate the last remaining joys of summer before returning to the existential dread of normal life with a new map, new weapons, and more.

The new map, which is “available first” on PlayStation 4, is called sandbox. It’s literally a sandbox, with players shrunk down 80s family movie style to the size of plastic army toys. If that’s not goofy enough, Captain Butcher will use a magnifying glass to wage environmental warfare on the field.

A new Dogfighting mode is also being added, which takes the aerial combat introduced in the War Machine DLC to Egypt, where players will  battle over pyramids and mountains. Rack up enough kills and you’ll earn Flak Guns, which do serious damage.

Three new guns will appear as part of the festivities. First is the Ribeyroles, a French prototype submachine gun. Next is the Automaton rifle, a Soviet creation that fires slow but hits real hard. Finally, the “one-shot machine,” otherwise known as the 3-Line Rifle, makes its return.

There’s more to go here. Players who have reached milestone levels from 100 to 1000 will receive new uniforms that reflect those achievements. In Nazi Zombies, new enemies (Sizzlers and Drowned Zombies) join the fray, along with new orders that bring Supply Drops and new uniforms.

A new community challenge has arrived, which will encourage players to go back to the original five Divisions and attack kill number challenges. As they move up the tiers, they’ll earn rewards such as goofy, summertime cosmetic items and new gun variants.

Finally, besides the limited-time content here, hundreds of new customization options have also been introduced. There will also be several Double XP events during the Days of Summer.

[Source: Activision Blog]