Diving Deeper Into Subnautica’s Story With Below Zero

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the development team behind Subnautica, has a new surprise for people who loved the underwater exploration game. Subnautica: Below Zero, a stand-alone expansion, is in development. Set after everything that happened in Subnautica, this add-on will take us into the frigid waters of Planet 4546B.

Though the original game will be coming to the PlayStation 4, it started its life on PCs with the Steam Early Access program. Subnautica: Below Zero will follow the same course. This means Unknown Worlds Entertainment is going to first release, adjust and improve the game gradually on Steam Early Access, then bring the game to consoles.

The official Subnautica: Below Zero website offers some insight into what people can expect.

The concept of Below Zero is still developing. We are keeping the core gameplay mechanics, such as base building and open-ended exploration. We are also exploring new ones, such as thermal management, and more voiced dialogue at the core of the plot. We’re still in early stages and nothing is set in ice. These features may change prior to, and during, Early Access.

While we do not have an official launch date for the PlayStation 4 version of Subnautica or its expansion, it’s good to know that Unknown Worlds Entertainment is expanding the game’s world and story. Digital and physical  PlayStation 4 copies of Subnautica are expected to arrive in 2018.

[Source: Unknown Worlds web site]