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Credit: @bradgame64 (Twitter)

Spider-Man Dev Offers to Change ‘Marriage Proposal’ Easter Egg After Learning of Sad Ending

Credit: @bradgame64 (Twitter)

Following Spider-Man‘s release on Friday, September 7, players started scouring the game for Easter Eggs, and came across one that was requested by a fan.

Tyler Schultz had asked Insomniac Games’ developers back in May 2018 if they could include an Easter Egg stating “Madison, will you marry me?” so he could propose to his then girlfriend of five years when the game released. The studio fulfilled his request, as seen in the screenshots above and below.

Unfortunately, however, the relationship ended before the game released, and not on good terms.

Schultz released a video this weekend, alleging that Madison left him for his brother. He also revealed that when she learned of the Easter Egg, she said that “this wasn’t even the way she wanted to be proposed to.”

Over on Twitter, the video was brought to the attention of Insomniac Art Director, Jacinda Chew, who asked Schultz if he wants the Easter Egg to be changed in a future patch.

We’re not sure if Insomniac will actually replace the Easter Egg or not but we’ll keep our eyes peeled!

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