Nobuo Uematsu Performance Cancelled Due to Health Issue

Legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu was originally scheduled for a performance on October 7, 2018. He was to perform with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa at the Game o Irodoru Orchestra event, which was a musical tribute to the decades-long relationship between Uematsu and Final Fantasy founding member Hironobu Sakaguchi. Unfortunately, Uematsu’s Dog Ear Records has announced that, due to an unspecified health issue, this event has been cancelled.

Translating the statement from Dog Ear Records, Anime News Network quotes “continuing poor health,” and that Uematsu is not only unable to perform musically, but also unable to participate in a talk scheduled as part of the event.

Game o Irodoru Orchestra was to be the first of its kind, covering games from the entire length of Uematsu’s and Sakaguchi’s collaborative library. This includes Final Fantasy of various kinds of course, along with Chrono TriggerBlue DragonTerra Battle, and even anime such as Guin Saga and Ah! My Goddess: The Movie.

Uematsu expresses regret with the situation as part of the statement, saying he hopes to get better and see this event through as soon as possible. In the meantime, refunds are being issued. Anime News Network also pointed out that Uematsu performed as recently as August, when he was involved with a pair of Final Fantasy concerts in the United States as part of this year’s Otakon festivities.

[Source: Anime News Network]