PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Now Available for Free

Dark Eclipse, the first ever MOBA for PSVR, is now available on the PlayStation Store. The free-to-play game is looking to change the VR gaming scene, and make it a viable platform for competitive play. It can be played with either the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers, and focuses on one-on-one matches.

In Dark Eclipse, players pick three leaders to form a team in an attempt to take over the opposing team’s bases. In true MOBA fashion, each leader has their own unique skills and abilities. You can purchase leaders either with in-game currency or through the PlayStation Store. The PS Store will house unique starter packs that also include cosmetic items. Dark Eclipse launches with 15 leaders, and more are on their way via updates.

Sunsoft aimed to refresh the MOBA genre with Dark Eclipse, adding RTS elements to the mix. You are also able to fly up into the air to get a full view of the battlefield, replacing the standard mini-map. Throughout the game, you’ll able to take full advantage of the PSVR headset and get a full 360-degree view. While a VR MOBA may seem like the smallest niche out there, over 3 million PSVR units have been sold. With fall 2018 bringing two new PSVR bundles, this is a perfect time to enter the new reality of gaming.