What Do These Fortnite Season 6 Teasers Mean?

We’re literally one day out from Fortnite Season 6’s September 26, 2018 launch, but we still have no idea what it will bring to the battle royale phenomenon. In the lead-up to the newest season, Epic Games has been slowly releasing images teasing its imminent arrival.

The first one was released on Monday, September 24th, and showed a DJ llama, it appears:

The second one was released on September 25th, and featured something a little more grounded: a cowgirl. It should be noted that before Season 5 officially launched, there was speculation it would be Wild West-themed. Check out the teaser:

And finally, the third (and likely final) image featured a werewolf, for some reason:

These Fortnite teasers don’t reveal much at all. They do share some common elements, however. The images include both lightning strikes and our dearly departed cube. Both of these elements featured heavily in the lead-up to the upcoming season. In addition, the images are predominantly purple, which is currently the color of Loot Lake.

While all three characters featured will likely be upcoming skins, that’s about the only thing we can comment on with any form of certainty. The speculation on what Fortnite Season 6 will include has varied wildly. Some theories suggest time-travel will be involved, due to the cowgirl and llama DJ appearing to be from different time eras. Of course, the werewolf kind of throws a wrench into all of that.

For all we know, Season 6 could just be Halloween-themed, and each skin is a different Halloween costume. It would make sense, right? The werewolf and cowgirl are very common Halloween costumes, and purple and lightning are very much associated with the spookiest time of year. Sure, this is a bunch of baseless speculation, but it’s not like we have a lot to go off on, anyway.

All should be revealed when Fortnite Season 6 finally launches on September 27, 2018.

[Source: Twitter]