An Inside Look at Battlefield V’s Support Class

When Battlefield V releases on November 20, 2018, there will undoubtedly be a decent amount of digital blood being spilled. But you can’t very well run into battle armed with a big pokey-stick that doesn’t jettison small bits of metal at super high velocities, can you? You can’t, is the answer. That’s why, when the bullets run dry, you need a good old fashioned Support Class to restock your depleted munitions and tinker with whatever vehicle you busted because you suck at driving.

If you’re playing Support in Battlefield V, your job is to keep your team stocked whilst simultaneously laying down suppressive fire and impairing your enemies. It’s pretty standard stuff for Battlefield veterans, who will no doubt be somewhat attuned to toting around one of the game’s many larger weapons, the LMG (light machine gun), and all of its delightfully volatile variations. Fortifications are also a highlight for the class, leaving it to players to build cover and stationary guns for their teammates to recoup behind while taking fire.

But what’s interesting with class specifications in Battlefield 5 are the new Combat Roles. Each class will have a unique Combat Role that amplifies a class at the player’s leisure. There are currently two that will be available at launch, but later ones will be introduced in the Tides of War update after the game’s release.

The first Combat Role for the Support Class is the Engineer, the base for the Support Class, which features a heavy emphasis on vehicle support. While this is your active Combat Role, you’ll be able to build fortifications and repair vehicles at break-neck speeds, as well as be able to fire vehicle-mounted weaponry for longer periods of time before they overheat.

The second Combat Role is the Machine Gunner. This basically turns you into every variation of heroes from 80’s action flicks, allowing you “increased suppression ability” in a trait called Bullet Storm. It sounds about as terrifying as one can imagine. If you fully suppress an enemy, you’ll also automatically spot enemies for your teammates to hone in on your blood-thirsty wildfire.

Other Combat Roles are scheduled to be detailed, soon. What class do plan on using when Battlefield V drops? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: EA]