Epic Outlines Steps to Link Multiple Fortnite Console Accounts to a Single Epic Account

With PlayStation 4 cross-play now in beta, Epic Games has outlined steps that players need to follow in order to link multiple Fortnite console accounts to a single Epic account.

The previously announced “account merging” feature will go live in November 2018 but in the meantime, you can link all your accounts so that your future progression and purchases are available everywhere. Do note that you will not be able to bring over your existing progression and purchases.

First things first, you need to identify your primary console account, which is the one that holds the progression and purchases that you value the most. Your secondary console account will be one that holds purchases and progression you can temporarily do without until November.

Both console accounts then need to be upgraded to new Epic accounts. You’ll have one Epic account for each console at this stage.

Once you’re done with the step above, you’ll be able to delink your secondary console from the Epic account associated with it, and then link it to the account associated with your primary console. First, sign into your secondary console and delink it from its Epic account via the Connected Accounts tab. Then, sign into your primary console, navigate to the Connected Accounts tab again, and simply add your secondary console.

If you need additional help with any of the steps outlined above, check out the visual guide available on Epic’s website.