Tony Hawk Ranks His Video Game Series’ Soundtracks

Skateboarder Tony Hawk recently sat down with Vice to provide a ranking of his favorite soundtracks from the Tony Hawk video game series, some of which he curated himself.

Here’s his ranking in descending order:

13: Pro Skater 5

12: Shred

11: Ride

10: Downhill Jam

9: Project 8

8: Pro Skater 3

7: Proving Grounds

6: Underground 2

5: Pro Skater 2

4: Underground

3: Pro Skater 4

2: American Wasteland

1: Pro Skater

Explaining Pro Skater 5‘s bottom rank, Hawk revealed that the game suffered from a lack of resources and by the time the development team got around to curating the soundtrack, they had exhausted the budget. As a result, bands who offered songs for cheap were selected. Interestingly, most of the soundtrack was selected by Hawk himself, and included “favors from friends.”

“It doesn’t mean that the quality was different, it just wasn’t as big of a soundtrack,” he told Vice.

Hawk said that it would be difficult to live up to the series’ soundtrack history in future games. He also revealed that soundtrack discussions were frustrating and hard in later games due to limited budgets.

“Some tracks we just couldn’t get because the money wasn’t there,” he continued. “That was frustrating at the time, and knowing how much people expect from it was something that I still hold dear, you know?”

2015’s Pro Skater 5 is the latest entry in the Tony Hawk series. Unfortunately, it was underwhelming, and was panned by critics and users alike.

[Source: Vice]