Dragon Ball FighterZ’s FighterZ Pass 2 is (Almost) Here!

Update: The tournament has concluded, and the video package was released in official capacity. Check it out:

In what seems to have been a case of itchy trigger finger (which isn’t exactly out of the ordinary), the second “FighterZ Pass” for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been revealed via Bandai Namco Entertainment’s European YouTube channel. The reveal was supposed to be planned for after the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals, but the trailer briefly went live while the competition was still running.

The trailer revealed a total of four characters coming to the game as part of a new DLC bundle purchase, with two more set to be revealed at a later time. The first two characters, which we saw actual gameplay footage of, are Jiren and Videl. Jiren is the “final boss” of Dragon Ball Super, while Videl has been a long-time supporting cast member (she’s Mr. Satan’s daughter, and Gohan’s wife). She has her Buu saga design, and appears to have moves which incorporate Gohan’s Great Saiyaman alter ego.

After those two got the red carpet treatment, the trailer went on to reveal the inevitable. The final two characters will be the Dragon Ball Super iteration of Broly, and of course Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta, the marquee characters of the recently-released Dragon Ball Super theatrical movie. These characters were revealed through movie footage, so we don’t know what to expect from them in-game yet.

Curiously, the two unrevealed characters were in the middle of the question mark-filled graphic, so that could mean they will be released before the movie characters. Regardless, the new pass is “now available,” which likely means it will be up for purchase after the World Tour finals conclude later tonight. The first set of characters is also set to release on January 31, 2019.

The video was quickly removed, so we will be updating this post with the trailer once it’s re-released.