Koei Tecmo is Celebrating 15 Years of Samurai Warriors with a Special Broadcast

Samurai Warriors, a spinoff of the regular Dynasty Warriors series that focuses on Japanese history and mythology rather than Chinese, has been trucking along since the PlayStation 2. Despite there only being (technically) four core entries in the series, the 15th anniversary is right around the corner. To that end, Koei Tecmo has announced a special broadcast that will feature series producer Hisashi Koinuma and more.

This news was translated by the folks over at Gematsu. Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors 15th Anniversary Broadcast will be streamed on February 6, 2019, from 21:00 to 23:20 JST (7:00 AM to 9:20 AM ET) on both YouTube and Periscope. As noted earlier, producer Hisashi Koinuma will be on deck to talk about the Samurai Warriors series as a whole, and its 15 years on the map. This will be paired with gameplay footage of various titles. Koinuma will also talk (the format here isn’t clear) about playable characters still in demand.

Finally, the broadcast will also feature some sort of news revolving around 15th anniversary collaboration projects. It’s anyone’s guess what that means, but it could be anything from DLC to mobile game content. As an added bonus, the agenda also includes, “more…” Could that be a new core game announcement? That’s generally what happens with events like these, but there’s no way to know until it happens.

In the meantime, fans in Japan can eagerly await the next spinoff in the Samurai Warriors 4 sub-series, Samurai Warriors 4 DX. This title is set to launch on March 14 in Japan, for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. This is a complete edition of the previous core game, which comes with all the DLC out of the box.

[Source: Gematsu]