Decide Which Witch Lives Or Dies in Dragon Star Varnir This June

The power of dragons will be unleashed when Japanese RPG Dragon Star Varnir soars into North American and European stores on June 11 and June 14, 2019 respectively. It will be released both physically and digitally.

In this fantasy world, you are Zephy, a knight who previously hunted down witches but ironically was saved by them after a mission went wrong. The only way for the witches to save Zephy was to feed him dragon blood, which gave him special powers. His fate is now linked with the witches. As a result, he is now being hunted by the Empire’s dragon hunters and the most powerful witch of the land.

This JRPG from Compile Heart lets you eventually play as these legendary creatures when each character has maxed out their Dragon Gauge. This causes added stats to both the defense and attack rates. However, if your party member is worse for wear and has low HP, there will be a Rogue Dragon Awakening. This brings a risk/reward element, in which the dragon’s attack power increases but its defense is heavily lowered.

Battles take place on three levels. Depending on how you position the party members, you can gain additional stat boosts while they fight. Traps can be laid out around the battlefield, and enemies can be knocked back into them.

Publisher Idea Factory outlined the 3-Tiered Battle System from Dragon Star Varnir in a new trailer. You can view it below:

Dragon Star Varnir’s battle system gets even more detailed with the Devour skill. You can gain skill trees from the dragons you defeat around the land by devouring them. The strategy comes in from how you will use these skills and combine them in battle.

If that’s not enough, the ending is determined by how you play. Witches at your den need dragon’s blood and meat as food. If you give them too little, they will starve and go mad, but if you give them too much, they will become a dragon. If you reach the satisfaction level, you can gain rare items. If one of them becomes a dragon, she will fight you. During these battles you can use the Devour move, and by doing that, you can gain rare skills. Will you choose to keep these characters alive (and gain items) or will you sacrifice them? The ending will change depending on what you decide. Sounds like a cool, albeit morbid mechanic!

These younger witches and sisters are Faria, Monet, Chiquita, and Pio.  Faria is the oldest of the younger witches and wants to join her elders in battle. She’s cold towards the newcomer Zephy. Monet is an honest and ditzy character; she loves taking care of the flowers in the garden. Chiquita is vindictive towards other characters but loves to explore. Lastly, Pio is the youngest but most capable out of the four. She is intelligent and reads books. All four seem like typical character archetypes found in a Japanese RPG.

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