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Life Will Change When the Persona 5 Manga Drops Into Stores Next Year

The Phantom Thieves have infiltrated your PS4, Super Smash Bros, Crunchyroll, and iTunes, and they’re not done yet. Eventually, they will take over book stores too. The Persona 5 manga hits the West in winter 2020. Have they stolen your heart yet?

VIZ Media, the company behind the localizations of Hunter X Hunter and My Hero Academia, will be handling the translation and publication of the Persona 5 manga in the west. Hisato Murasaki wrote the story and drew the art for this book series. He previously worked on D-Crackers, Bravely Archive: D’s Report, and Boku no Mawari no Uchuujin.

Not many details have been given about the release, but VIZ Media did tweet an image of the cover. It features Joker and his Persona, Arsene.

The manga will follow the events of the game. If you’re not up for going through yet another 100-hour playthrough of Persona 5 to experience the story, this might be your best bet.

Persona fever is at an all-time high recently. Persona 5 sold over 2.4 million copies worldwide. The game’s protagonist, Joker, just joined Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character. Persona 5 The Royal is on the way, and more details about it will be revealed on April 24, 2019. The Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight rhythm game spin-offs released in the West in December 2018. There’s a lot going on in the Persona-verse.

The party could continue for the Persona series with new ports of Persona 3 and Persona 4. Atlus USA and Sega of America Board of Directors member Naoto Hiraoka said that Atlus knows that there is fan demand for these games. Perhaps Persona 3 and 4 being referenced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via new songs, Mementos stage color schemes, and Mii Fighter costumes are signs of future versions of these two classic games.