The Title of ‘Days Gone’ Could Mean Different Things to Different People, Says Bend Studio

Just ahead of Days Gone‘s worldwide release, Bend Studio was asked to explain the meaning behind the game’s title, which the developer believes could mean different things to different people.

For Game Director John Garvin, the title reflects the importance of the game’s day-and-night cycle and how it impacts gameplay.

Here’s the thing about the title: it can mean so many different things. It can mean the day itself is gone, and the day-night cycle is so important to the game because the challenges, the dangers, the world changes after dark. More Freakers come out. The human enemies, the Marauders – they, sort of, take a back seat. But during the day, the Marauders are out, and they’re setting ambushes and trying to snipe you off your bike from the road. So just the actual process of going from day to night is super important, so on that level – just on a physical level – there’s some nuance there about what ‘Days Gone’ is. I think if we had ten players play Days Gone, you would get ten different answers to that question. ‘What does it mean?’

Just yesterday, we shared a PlayStation Blog interview with Garvin where he revealed that Days Gone will give players the freedom to play how they wanted. This includes giving them the option to play either in the daylight or during night time by simply passing time in their safe houses. Playing during the night, when the Freakers are stronger, comes with its own set of perks including an experience boost. However, playing during the day comes with its own set of uncertainties that will keep players on their toes.

Days Gone will release on Friday, April 26th, for the PlayStation 4. We’ll be reviewing the game for you right here on PlayStation LifeStyle so check back nearer the time.

[Source: PlayStation (Twitter)]

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