Sony Hiring Contract Staff to Work on Insomniac Games Project

Sony and Insomniac Games are gearing up for a new project, to the surprise of no one. A recent set of job listings have appeared on LinkedIn, searching for a Senior Audio Designer and Audio Designer (FXT) for an upcoming game. Now, it’s worth noting that these job listings are posted by Sony and are contract positions in conjunction with Insomniac Games. In other words, this is not a permanent position with Insomniac Games or Sony, but will last for the duration of the project or as needed (which is common within video game development). It also means the new two new-hires will work at Insomniac Games temporarily.

It’s important to note that Insomniac Games is not a first-party studio, but rather, second-party, which means the team can make games exclusively for PlayStation, but still remain independent. And although nothing has been confirmed, it’s highly likely this will be a PlayStation exclusive, as the company has been known for, as of late.

With that in mind, it’s possible that this may be a sequel to last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, a game that performed extremely well, both critically and commercially. Again, we haven’t gotten official confirmation from Sony or Insomniac, but a sequel has to be at least in pre-production, if not already well into development. If it’s not Spider-Man 2, it could be a followup to 2016’s Ratchet and Clank, a game that also performed well. Or it could be a new IP entirely.

Job postings like these pop up all the time, but the fact that they’re in conjunction with Insomniac Games makes it easy to take educated guesses as to what they might be.

Seeing as Sony isn’t going to be at E3 this year, we probably won’t hear about any major PlayStation exclusives from the show itself. But we could very well get another State of Play presentation showing off the upcoming title sometimes in the future.

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[Source: SegmentNext]