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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Days of Summer Update Adds a Fan-Favorite Map and More, Patch Notes Included

In celebration of summer, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a new update called Days of Summer, and it’s available to download on PS4 systems now. The Days of Summer update is the second part of Operation Spectre Rising and it includes a slew of new content to keep things fresh in the Call of Duty space. Let’s get into what you can expect with the latest update:

This update sees the inclusion of a Grav Community Challenge, giving players a chance to earn the Grav assault rifle for Multiplayer modes. PlayStation gets Call of Duty content early, so this challenge will be available on all other platforms a week later.

In addition, and most notably, you’ll be able to enjoy the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II known as Grind. It’s free for everyone and gives players a blast from the past and intense close-quarters action. The Days of Summer update also includes the return of the Capture the Flag game mode.

If you’re looking for more Blackout content, the update has you covered, too. You’ll find environmental changes, like summer decorations, blue skies, and a party being thrown across the map to celebrate the season. Plus, you’ll be able to see what your rival’s perks are through the in-game kill cam. Finally, the addition of a new vehicle known as the attack helicopter will be available for use within the Ground War game mode.

Speaking of Ground War, the classic game mode has been added, pitting two large teams against each other on a smaller-scale version of the main Blackout map, giving you a fast-paced and chaotic gameplay experience.

But that’s not all, you’ll find new Zombies content, more Tiers and Black Market Gear, and more. You can check out the full list of patch notes below:

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Days of Summer Update Patch Notes

Grav Community Challenge

A fun challenge for the entire Black Ops 4 community is currently under way! If you’re wanting to utilize the Grav assault rifle in your Multiplayer games, the Grav Community Challenge will give players the opportunity to earn it for their arsenal.  15 million matches (across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout) to earn the Grav. The challenge starts first for PlayStation 4 and begins a week later for Xbox One and PC.

New Multiplayer Map: Grind

We’re, like, totally stoked to let you know the Call of Duty: Black Ops II map Grind is back and available – for FREE – to all players! Set in a Venice Beach skate park battle through the pro shop and around the half pipe to shred the competition. Grind is a smaller map, so you’ll have plenty of chances for some gnarly firefights.

New Multiplayer Game Mode: Capture the Flag

The classic Multiplayer mode, Capture the Flag, returns to Black Ops! Each team fights to defend their flag while simultaneously working to capture the enemy flag and return it to their own base.

New Blackout Content:

Environmental Changes: Though the Hydro Dam is still out of commission, the flood waters have receded, and the areas previously damaged by the waters are under renovation. Hijacked, the luxury boat, is moored near Nuketown Island’s cove, and the entire map is now bathed in sunlight! It’s midday, there are blue skies, there’s summer foliage with greenery and flowers, and there’s a party atmosphere across much of the map:

Check out BBQs, some lawn ornaments, party balloons, pool floaties, as garden parties begin in earnest. Down by the beach, there’s camping, umbrellas, and towels draped over the sand. Not all of this is purely cosmetic either; there are some light summer activities to enjoy:

            Coolers: Check the party areas for coolers; they might contain paint cans and character-unlock items!

            Water Balloons: Grab a 20-balloon stack as equipment and use it to deal some light damage.

            Quacknarok: The zombies are dressed in duck floaties for some summer fun.

There are also a few new gameplay elements:

For starters, players can now hold the USE button to reduce the time spent downed. Consider utilizing this in redeploy modes (like Alcatraz or Down But Not Out) to quickly get back into the action.

Perks in Killcams: If you’re brought down by a rival in Blackout, you’re now able to see if he or she was using any active Perks; as these are now visible in the Killcams.

Hawk: Outrider’s drone is now accessible during Blackout matches.

New Vehicle – Attack Helicopter: If you’re playing the new Ground War Blackout game mode (see below), you can ride in style; specifically, in a helicopter with two turrets. Rain down hell from above courtesy of the Attack Helicopter!

New Blackout Content: Ground War!

Take two large teams of players and drop them into opposing platoons. Each platoon is made up of numerous squads, and squad-mates have their names marked overhead, while platoon mates have friendly markers overhead. Players in a platoon can revive each other (even if you’re last alive in your squad and downed).

Now the Ground War begins! Each platoon can choose one of two main infiltration paths that intersect the main circle. You can drop along your team’s flight path or head directly to the enemy.

The initial circle size is around one third of the entire main Blackout map for quick and chaotic engagement between dozens of opposing players at once! As the mayhem continues, the circle reduces in size as normal. You’re able to redeploy if your squad is alive, right up until the final circle. The last platoon surviving wins in this epic new Blackout mode!

Alcatraz Blackout Map Updates

There are two new destinations, Submarine and Shipwrecked, on the Alcatraz map (scheduled to arrive on June 11 to PlayStation® 4 owners, with other platforms to follow), which adds a further layer of action and complexity to your Blackout matches on this island prison.  Currently docked along the northern edge of the island is the Icebreaker submarine. Over on the south side is a shipwreck you might recognize from Contraband. And useful for piloting between these two areas is the Tactical Raft, allowing water-based action around the perimeter of the prison.

New Zombies Content:

New Gauntlet: Zombies fans should prepare for a challenge; a 30-round one in fact! The Labours of Hercules Gauntlet takes place in “Ancient Evil” and has an even mix of might and myth to test your skills.

New Gauntlet Friends Leaderboards: Dying to see how you stack up against your friends? Check the leaderboard and compare your best Gauntlet runs.

New Elixirs: Need a new pick-me-up? Then utilize one or more of the following:

            Perkaholic: Grants the players all the Perks in the map.

            Near Death Experience: Revive (or be revived) simply by being in close proximity to other players. Revived players keep all their loadout perks after being revived.

            Shopping Free: Instantly activated and all purchases are free for one minute.

            Reign Drops: This drop spawns one of each of the nine core power ups (Nuke, Death Machine, Double Points, Fire Sale, Insta-Kill, Random Perk Bottle, Max Ammo, Carpenter, Personal Points).

New Weapons: Now, found in the Mystery Box in Zombies are the Peacekeeper, Ballistic Knife, and S6 Stingray. New MKII weapons for the Rampage, VAPR, Switchblade, and Spitfire join Zombies so you can rack up the XP.

Tiers and Black Market Gear:

Tier Highlights: Available for the rest of Operation Spectre Rising, discover 50 new tiers of fresh items in the Contraband stream. Players can earn a Weapon Bribe at tier 25. Weapon Bribes are dupe-protected, ensuring you get a new weapon from Reserves to add to your arsenal. Have all the weapons from the Reserves already? Don’t worry; the Bribe can be opened during a future Operation when more weapons are added! Plus, tier 50 grants you the Vendetta Sniper rifle.

Themed Specialist Outfits: Progress through the Tiers to unlock ‘Tourist Trap’ Nomad, ‘Frogman’ Recon, ‘Cuttlefish’ Spectre, ‘Dark Sails’ Zero, and ‘Great White’ Ajax!

Days of Summer ‘Summer Break’ Bundle: Relax with some cool gear available in the ‘Summer Break’ Bundle. The bundle features a Blackout Character the Ladies’ Man (Menedez’ Cordis “chill” look), the ‘Sweet Victory’ weapon charm, and five Reserve Crates.

Reserves: Blackjack’s got new weapons and summer threads: the S6 Stingray (tactical rifle), the Peacekeeper (assault rifle), the Locus (sniper rifle), the Ballistic Knife Karambit, ‘Privateer’ Nomad (outfit) and ‘Koi’ Recon (outfit).

Blackjack’s Shop: Look for ‘Buccaneer’ Outrider, ‘Skipper’ Prophet, and a melee cutlass, the Rising Tide!

Special Orders: After something a bit special this summer? Then unlock the Sergei Blackout Character, the Ahab’s Revenge Mastercraft for the Swordfish, and the Deep Voyage Mastercraft for the Spitfire.

Lastly, with the official announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare last week, you can preorder it from the PlayStation store to earn in-game items for Black Ops 4. Doing so will net you a Prestige Token, which will give you a permanent unlockable item.

Are you excited for the latest Black Ops 4 update? Let us know!

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