Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Sets Course for PC August 13th, PS4 and Switch At a Later Date

If you had a blast playing 2015’s Rebel Galaxy from Double Damage Games, then you may want to check out the upcoming prequel, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which is launching for PC on August 13, 2019. The studio is still hard at work on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, which we know are coming, but no release dates or windows have been announced for consoles.

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, players take control of Juno Markev, a space smuggler who gave up the criminal life, but was brought back into the fray after her husband was murdered on a job, and an encounter with some less than honorable folks went awry. After this encounter gone south, Markev owes money to an “old friend” and must find a way to square up the debt. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a single player campaign and a massive open world for players to explore, with plenty of different ships to use, each with their own unique cockpit.

The game allows players to customize their ship with a ton of upgrades including armor and weapons, so feel free to deck your ship out to match your desired play style. If you’ve mastered your play style, but want to customize the appearance of your ship, worry not. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw lets players paint a ship to their liking using a “ridiculously advanced in-game painting application.” Double Damage Games will even 3D print your ship and deliver a scale model of it to your home, if you like your creation enough to go for that!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw also has a ton of mini games for players to try their hands at which are spread throughout the Dodge Sector, including 8-ball, dice poker, arcade games, and slot machines. The in-game radio has seven different stations, with a total of “over 21 hours of music, DJs, and commercials” for players to listen to while flying through space, blasting enemies. The game’s combat system features an “autopursuit mechanic” which will keep your target in your line of sight, so you can easily focus on which weapons and tactics you want to use to take them out, instead of frantically trying to keep track of your mark.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw:

Will you be picking up Rebel Galaxy Outlaw when it does finally get a console release date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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