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Netflix Shoots Down The Witcher Season 1 Start Date Rumor

A recent Twitter thread by a self-proclaimed “executive producer” of Netflix’s The Witcher been confirmed false by none other than Netflix itself. Funnily enough, the person behind the Twitter account was merely posing as an executive producer, and isn’t an employee of the company.

The user, who went by the name Giovanni Eūgene Altamarquéz and even has LinkedIn and Medium profiles, wrote in a rather convincing thread that Season 1’s filming has wrapped up and that the first episode will premiere on November 1, 2019. He also claimed that a portion of the show is being redone because Netflix had to replace the cast behind a “major character.”

Confused by outlets picking up the story, Netflix reached out to Reddit and said that it’s investigating who Mr Altamarquéz is. The Twitter profile has since been deleted but the LinkedIn and Medium profiles are still up at the time of this writing. The LinkedIn profile has over 500 connections, and claims that Altamarquéz has been with the company for over five years.

A Reddit mod said in a statement:

We have been informed (by Netflix themselves, oddly enough) that the supposed Netflix employee in ‘executive production’ listed in the article does not actually work for Netflix and as such, this news is confirmed as being false. Given the spread of this article already, we feel that leaving it up and tagging it is the best way to let people know about it being fake. Basically Pandora’s Box was already opened and this is the best way we can stem the tide somewhat.

Netflix’s The Witcher currently doesn’t have a release date but we’ll make sure to update our readers when it’s officially announced.

[Source: Reddit via Twinfinite]