A Trip to Maldives Will Conclude Hitman 2’s Expansion Pass This Month, Roadmap Released

IO Interactive has released the full September 2019 roadmap of content for Hitman 2, which includes a major game update and a brand new map that takes players to Maldives.

On September 12, a new escalation contract set in Mumbai will go live. Players will have to assist the Kashmirian to unlock the Cashmerian suit for Agent 47. Legacy elusive target Walter Williams aka the Blackmailer will return the very next day, and players will have 10 days to deal with him.

On September 19, community-submitted contracts will go live. In line with this month’s content theme of ‘fierce rivalry,’ the submissions must revolve around the theme of ‘competitive edge.’ On the same day, another escalation contract will go live. Players will “become the shaman and guide their people in the Merle Revelation.” Completing all three stages of the contract will net you the Emetic Grenade, which will make your targets throw up.

On September 24, Hitman 2 will receive a major update alongside the Maldives-based Haven Island map, which will be the final piece of content for the game’s expansion pass. Haven Island is a sandbox location, and picks up after the events of the New York mission.

Expansion pass owners will also get special assignments on September 24. ‘A Silver Tongue’ will take players to Miami to eliminate their target, and then they’ll be off to the Whittleton Creek in ‘A Bitter Pill.’

Finally, on September 27, legacy elusive target Etta Davis aka The Angel of Death will return to Marrakesh. Players will have 10 days to pay the retired nurse a visit.

IO Interactive has yet to reveal whether it’ll add new content to Hitman 2 following the conclusion of the expansion pass this month or not. We’ll keep our readers posted.

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[Source: IOI]