Astrologist Zafina Joining Tekken 7 Roster Soon, Patch Notes for Update 3.0 Released

Middle-Eastern astrologist and defender of the imperial tomb, Zafina, will join Tekken 7‘s roster on Tuesday, September 10th. Her return kicks off Season Pass 3, which comes with some major updates including balance adjustments for all characters.

Full patch notes for update version 3.0 (all platforms) are as follows:

Battle balance adjustment 

Made adjustments to game balance for all characters

Please see the details from this page.

New function PLAY STATS 

PLAY STATS and STAGE WIN RATE functions will be added to PLAYER INFORMATION. 3 TOP STATS from PLAY STATS will be shown in online match.

Expanded character select function 

Unique costumes for each character will be added to customize slot as Pre-set slots.

Adjustment of online rank 

Online ranks now start from 1st dan.

The rank of characters with a rank from Beginner to 1st kyu will be changed to 1st dan.

Renewal of user interface 

Elements of the user interface such as main menu or character select will be renewed.

Added illustrations to GALLERY 

New illustrations will be added to GALLERY of [TEKKEN 7].

Distribution of character customization effect 

Following 3 effects distributed through Ver.2.22 update to STEAM players will be available on all platforms.

Heihachi-Kun Effect (Orange)

Heihachi-Kun Effect (Red)

Heihachi-Kun Effect (Blue)

Towards the end of this year, Bandai Namco Entertainment will release a brand new fighter, Leroy Smith. We got a brief look at him in the Season Pass 3 trailer, which revealed that he hails from the USA and has a Wing Chun fighting style.

Season Pass 3 also includes two other unannounced characters, a new feature, and a new stage.

We’ll update our readers when the patch goes live. For more on Tekken 7, check out our hub.

[Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment]