Latest Discovery About Lisa’s Behavior Makes P.T. Even Creepier

In August 2019, “7780s Studio” and Hideo Kojima’s P.T. demo celebrated its fifth anniversary. In the years since it landed on PSN, P.T. has become somewhat of an urban legend, as the project it was supposed to spawn, Silent Hills, was canceled within months of the demo’s release. Still, there are secrets tucked within the demo that make it all the more upsetting. The latest discovery concerns the teaser’s creepy specter, Lisa. For those who remember playing P.T. and hearing Lisa’s groaning close behind them, it was no mere illusion. YouTuber Lance McDonald uncovered a way in which to prove that Lisa does indeed latch onto the player and follow them around the small level.

In a string of posts on Twitter, McDonald explained how he discovered this new terrifying bit of information. Apparently, he hacked the game, allowing the player to see behind them without turning around the player character.

According to McDonald, Lisa latches onto the player character once the flashlight is picked up. He showed how this works in a brief clip, where he “lock[s] the camera in place.” Within seconds, Lisa is seen walking ahead of the camera’s locked position, head twitching and jerking in the most unsettling way.

The sheer amount of detail packed into this demo proves just how dedicated Kojima and his team were to returning Silent Hill to its former glory. Would they have succeeded? We’ll sadly never know

[Source: Lance McDonald on Twitter]