Embrace Halloween With Street Fighter V’s Latest Spooky DLC Costumes

Street Fighter V is about to get spooky with its latest batch of Halloween-themed DLC. Starting on September 17, 2019, you’ll be able to download new costumes for E. Honda and Poison, along with the new Union Graveyard stage for you to battle on. Each costume will cost $3.99, while the stage will set you back $1.99 or 40K FM.

E. Honda’s costume is based on the kappa, an amphibious demon found in Japanese folklore. Although, it’s done in a comical and lighthearted way. You’ll find a giant turtle shell on his back, a beak, a straw loincloth, and some of the most over-the-top moves you’ve ever seen. If all of that doesn’t have you laughing, his balding head certainly will.

Along with that, Poison will also be getting a new costume full of leather, whips, and chains. Her new attire is definitely spooky and is reminiscent of a punk-rock aesthetic. Her costume will be available to download the same day as E. Honda’s.

Capcom has done a great job of supporting Street Fighter V since its launch in 2016. After the release of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition in 2018, the game finally felt more complete with added modes, characters, and replayability. In fact, content for Street Fighter V is planned for up to the year 2020, so there’s plenty more in store for the game. Street Fighter V is one of Capcom’s flagship titles with a large community.

What do you think of the upcoming Street Fighter V DLC? Will you be downloading it? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]