Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition Week 2 Update Adds Weirding Woods, Team Vanquish, New Customization

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville might not officially launch worldwide until October 18, 2019, but for the preceding six weeks, players can jump into what PopCap and EA are calling the Founder’s Edition of the game. Rolling out slowly leading up to the big launch, Founders can get the game for $29.99 (a discount off the launch price of $39.99) and start playing right away. Week 2’s content drop just came and it’s a pretty big update for the game.

If you enjoyed Week 1’s PvE patrol area for Plants, the Town Center, the Zombies are getting access to one of theirs this week. Called the Weirding Woods, this area will have PvE missions for the living dead to take on, more Golden Gnomes to find, and will likely hide plenty of secrets. Team Vanquish is also being added as a PvP mode, basically Neighborville’s version of Team Deathmatch. It adds to (doesn’t replace) Turf Takeover that launched during Week 1.

Founders will also be rewarded with an exclusive Ultimate Champ Star cosmetic set for the All-Star Zombie. That costume is only available during Week 2 of the Founder’s Edition though, so make sure you grab the package from Rux in-game before Week 3 gets underway. The Founder’s Edition is also only available until September 30 at 9 am Pacific. You’ll need to purchase it before then if you want to join in ahead of the worldwide launch on October 18.

Here’s everything that’s available with the Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition Week 2 update:

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition Week 2 update

Bodacious Body-slamming Rewards

Founding Neighbors who log in by next Monday, September 16 will receive the wrathful wrestling Ultimate Champ Star costume for All-Star Zombie. To pick up your reward, log in and head over to Rux’s Emporium.

Vanquish All the Things

Team Vanquish is here! In this week’s multiplayer mode, you’ll go all out against your enemies – every plant or zombie vanquished by your team counts as a point, while each revive subtracts a point from the opposing team. Ready to blast those bloomers and doomers? Get it going in these maps:

  • Rocky Flats: Since the zombies busted the pipeline that carries melted cheese into town, Neighborville folks hiding in their homes have had to experiment with different orange toppings for their nachos. Autumnal leaves. Shredded traffic cones. Pencil shavings. It’s… not great.
  • Colossal Fossil: Some of the world’s largest dinosaurs were discovered in Neighborhoodvillian mines – the Enormosauraus, the Voluminousiraptor, the Tremenduceratops. Even the legendarily large B-Rex (the “B” stands for “big”)!
  • Z-Tech Factory: Where do zombies get all those wonderful traffic cones, buckets, screen doors, and tackle dummies? Why, the Z-Tech Factory of course! It’s the only factory whose “Days Since Last Workplaces Accident” counter goes into negative numbers!
  • Ruiny Ruins: What did the gnomes use this ancient temple for? Is it a time-energy nexus? A forge for their powerful hammers? A way to get rid of hundreds of stones with the same face carved into them that they accidentally ordered online? Nobody knows!
  • Pressure Pier: The town lighthouse used to just be a guy named “Old Slappy” who would stand on the beach with a flashlight during regular business hours. Then one day Old Slappy just had to go to that flashlight convention and BOOM – shipwreck. Now, there’s a lighthouse.
  • Daisy Drive: Learning to ride a bike, playing street hockey with your friends, watching a Sunflower lay down the hurt on an Imp from your house that’s been raised off the ground by giant mechanical Z-Tech thingamabobs – just a typical day in the life of a Neighborville kid.

Keep Neighborville Weird

This week, you’ll also explore Weirding Woods for a zombie-based operation. Your fellow zombies are trapped in the old Z-Tech Factory by invasive plant, Dreadwood. No one has heard from them in a very long time (though, a lingering aroma has been sensed more recently). It’s time to head to the factory to see if they’re okay in there! You can access Weirding Woods from Zomboss HQ, and while you’re there, check out quests to complete, enemies to fight, and items to discover – including Golden Gnomes!

We’ve been playing a lot of Battle for Neighborville and will be bringing our impressions of the game in the coming weeks as additional content and modes are added to the Founder’s Edition. Quick preview though? If you liked the Garden Warfare games and want to see what Destiny’s influence could have on them, that’s a pretty good idea of what Neighborville is all about.

[Source: EA]