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TwitchCon Attendees Can Donate Blood for a Free Copy of Code Vein

Those who attend TwitchCon this weekend, which starts on September 27th, will be able to celebrate Bandai Namco’s upcoming action game while also giving to a good cause. During the event, the publisher will host a blood drive dubbed the Code Vein Blood Bank. Participants who give blood to the Red Cross will in turn receive a free copy of Code Vein. This is especially clever, given that the premise of the game revolves around vampiric themes.

The Blood Drive will take place on September 27th at TwitchCon in San Diego, California. It’s set to last several hours, starting at 10 am PT and ending later that evening at 4 pm PT. Fans who may want to give blood during the drive can pre-register on the Red Cross’ website. Participants should expect to receive both a copy of Code Vein and a “promo blood kit.”

Bandai Namco’s Blood Drive idea couldn’t be more fitting. In Code Vein, players take on the role of a Revenant in a near-future dystopia, where the world’s been torn apart by catastrophe. Revenants are vampiric beings who feed on blood. With the world in ruin, blood is seemingly in limited supply, meaning Revenants can either band together or fight one another. Either way, their own humanity hangs in the balance.

A demo is currently live on consoles, allowing audiences to give the title a try. Recently, Bandai Namco launched a free update for the trial version, adding in a co-op multiplayer mode and a new stage (Tower of Sacrifice). Additionally, players now have a way to transfer their customized characters from Code Vein’s demo to the main game.

Become a Revenant when Code Vein hits the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One on September 27th. TwitchCon will kick off the same day, and come to a close on September 29th.

[Source: Bandai Namco US on Facebook]