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Dauntless Exits Early Access, Aether Unbound Update Goes Live

Earlier this month, developer Phoenix Labs announced plans to shift Dauntless out of Early Access. As such, the cross-platform monster-hunting title was preparing to enter a new phase. Well, Early Access is over. In addition, that new phase has officially gone live in the form of Update 1.0, aka “Aether Unbound.”

Similar to most new releases, “Aether Unbound” has a trailer accompanying its launch. See what new adventures await in the video down below:

As noted above, Update 1.0 does more than bring Dauntless out of Early Access across all platforms. The patch also introduces a host of additional content. This includes a brand-new weapon, the Bounty system, a new quest, the ability to skip cutscenes, and so much more. For a quick down of all the fresh goodies now available in the monster-hunting experience, see the following list, courtesy of Update 1.0’s patch notes:

Dauntless Update Patch Notes

  • New Weapom: The aether strikers are a pugilist’s weapon and the latest to join the Slayer arsenal.
  • Bounty System: Take advantage of a new, more flexible way to earn Hunt Pass experience. This feature replaces weekly challenges and the Hunt Pass break part system.
  • New Dire Behemoth: Tempestborne Stormclaw has arrived in the Shattered Isles, wreaking havoc with its powerful storms. Look for the newest Dire on the Hunt Board.
  • New Hunt Pass: A new season begins, and a new Hunt Pass follows.Prepare to unleash your inner power in Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist.
  • Twin Suns Mastery: The Twin Suns exotic repeaters now have an official Mastery card. Open up your Mastery menu (‘N’ on PC) to see what challenges await.
  • Skip Scene: Not interested in watching a cutscene? Slayers will now see an on-screen option to skip past cinematic scenes.
  • Aether Strikers Quest: New weapon. New quest. You’ll get this one around the same time you pick up your first repeaters quest for Janek Zai.
  • A Friendly Excursion: Also new on the quest front is “Friends Indeed,” a limited-time quest that challenges Slayers to hunt with their friends and earn exclusive dyes. Be sure to complete it before time runs out!

“Aether Unbound” also brings with it a handful of quality of life updates. Additionally, Dauntless‘ graphics, performance, and user interface received plenty of changes. A litany of bug fixes have been addressed, as well.

Dauntless is available now as a free-to-play title for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Phoenix Labs]