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Nearly 2.5 Million Destiny 2 Users Reportedly Logged in on Monday

On Monday, October 7, there were a reported 2.46 million total active Destiny 2 users for the day, with an estimated 500,000 concurrent users active across all platforms at peak hours. Undergoing a complete revamp with a brand new free-to-play base launching alongside the massive Shadowkeep expansion, Destiny 2 was set up early for a mountain of success this month when everything kicked off on October 1. A week later, there are still more than 2 million Guardians logging in daily. While Bungie itself hasn’t touted any specific numbers just yet, a fan-made Discord bot does scrape the publicly available stats to make those kinds of statistics available.

Unless the publisher or developer hands them out, user figures and sales numbers for games are often quite difficult to come by, at least an accurate representation of them anyway. These statistics tend to be skewed by caveats like not including digital purchases or a fundamental misunderstanding of total active users versus concurrent players. Fortunately, with Bungie’s open API—which allows for some of the most impressive third-party applications in any game—players have created sites, apps, and bots that can track this information.

This particular stat comes from Charlemagne, a Discord bot on (which itself is a very useful tool that collates Destiny 2 stats and metrics from the most popular weapons currently in use to what and where people are playing in real-time). Reddit user Luv1290 posted the October 7 numbers with a screenshot, showing the 2.46 million user statistic. Keep in mind that number encompasses the total unique users for the entire day, not all at one time. Estimated concurrent users comes from Steam’s real-time statistics and some clever math utilizing’s breakdown of who plays on which platforms. (For reference, currently about 40% of Destiny 2 users play on Steam/PC, 34% on PS4, and 26% on Xbox, though with cross save, it’s tough to nail these numbers down exactly.)

Destiny 2 currently has a lot going on. Shadowkeep and New Light launched on Tuesday, October 1. The new Garden of Salvation Raid opened up to players on Saturday, October 5, which also began the Vex Offensive activity. And just yesterday at the weekly reset, not only were higher difficulty Nightmare Hunts made available, but Ikora began overseeing an expansion to the Tower, just another telltale sign of Destiny 2’s changing method of storytelling.

Update: We have some stats for Tuesday, October 8 too, which still shows daily active users at well over 2 million for the first weekly reset of Year 3.

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