ps vita firmware update

New Firmware Update Shows Sony Still Hasn’t Forgotten the PS Vita

Despite PlayStation Vita production coming to a halt earlier in 2019, Sony still shows its love to the handheld device. The most recent display of affection given to the Vita came in the form of a firmware update, which is the fourth this year. Prior to October 16th, the Vita’s last update went live in August. That one, however, had purpose, since it was designed to terminate an exploit. This latest update, Version 3.73, does not seem to be anything special.

Regardless of its significance, anyone who still uses their Vita should download Version 3.73. It applies to both PS Vita and PlayStation TV, supposedly “improv[ing] system performance” for each. At the very least, this seems to suggest the Vita has not been totally counted out just yet. How long Sony will continue to support the handheld in this fashion remains to be seen, though. After all, with the PlayStation 5 launching in the next year or so, the company’s focus is surely shifting elsewhere and fast.

The cease of PS Vita production isn’t the only example of the device’s taking a back set this year. In March, Sony stopped offering Vita and PS3 games as freebies for PS Plus subscribers. Since then, the PS Plus list of free games have been rather hit or miss month after month, which, honestly, isn’t too dissimilar from years past. Things are looking up, however. At the least, October’s offerings are stellar–The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19.

[Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Bleeding Cool]