Overwatch Event

Overwatch Puts Mercy in the Spotlight With Mercy’s Recall Challenge, Earn the New Dr. Ziegler Skin

While Overwatch 2 is on its way, the original game will still be getting more content and events while we wait, even if it’s at a bit of a slower pace. In this case, it’s a new small event called Mercy’s Recall, putting a spotlight on the healer Mercy by giving her a new legendary outfit, icons, and sprays. There are two ways to earn these rewards. Some rewards, including the new outfit, are earned simply by winning games. You can play in quick play, competitive, or the arcade,  and be rewarded with a new cosmetic every three wins. After nine total, you’ll get the new Dr. Ziegler Mercy skin that was teased at the end of her new short story. The challenge runs until December 2nd, 2019, so you have three weeks to collect those wins. You’ll get the following rewards for winning games:

  • At three wins you get the Dr. Ziegler player icon
  • At six wins you get the Lab Coat and Evaluation sprays
  • At nine wins you’ll get the Dr. Ziegler legendary costume for Mercy

In addition to this, you can also earn some rewards by watching other people play Overwatch on Twitch. By linking your Twitch account with your Blizzard account, you can get some rewards for every two hours of Overwatch you watch, up to six hours. You can get the following rewards for watching Twitch:

  • At two hours you’ll get the On the Clock spray
  • At four hours you’ll get the Healing Touch and Hanan sprays
  • At six hours you’ll get the Suit Fitting, Late Night, and Ascent sprays

Not only are there nice rewards, but there’s also more Overwatch lore to be consumed. This event ties in with the all-new short story that focuses on Mercy written by Michael Chu. Titled “Overwatch: Valkyrie,” the story describes what happened to Mercy after Winston put out the call for Overwatch to reassemble. Ultimately, Dr. Ziegler had to decide if she wanted to remain a doctor, helping people through her medicine, or if she wished to don the robes of Mercy once again and rejoin Overwatch. Considering how the game plays out, the choice she makes seems to be obvious, though the story is in the journey she took to get there.