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Netflix The Witcher’s ‘Biggest Shift’ From Books Revolves Around Ciri and Yen’s Introduction

Netflix’s The Witcher writer Lauren Hissrich has told SciFiNow that the “biggest” difference between the books and the upcoming show is how Ciri and Yennefer are introduced.

“The biggest shift that I’ve made from the books is that I wanted Ciri and Yennefer to stand on their own legs a little bit more,” she explained. “In the books they’re introduced through Geralt’s lens, through his point of view, and it was important to me that our audience get to know them individually first, see them be created and their own journeys, and then see them intersect and see what happens. So that was one of the biggest shifts that I made but it was, to me, the most exciting opportunity because I also found these characters to be really compelling.”

Speaking specifically about Yennefer, Hissrich said that she went through all the books to collate information about the character’s past, and then put together a story that would allow viewers to be with the sorceress from her childhood.

“She starts off in a very vulnerable place,” Hissrich continued. “She is a character that has experienced a great deal of pain in her life, and then we get to see how she transcends that pain and grows from it and strengthens her resolve in this world. I think it’s a really great origin for her.”

The Witcher will begin streaming on December 17th. Hissrich has already outlined seven seasons ahead of launch but for now, Netflix has only greenlit the second season.

[Source: Redanian Intelligence]