Sniper Elite Board Game

Rebellion Opens Up New Studio to Make Board Games of its IPs, Sniper Elite Board Game Announced

We’ve seen many video games get turned into board games over the years. Games like Resident Evil 2, Darksiders, and Metal Gear Solid aren’t what you might think would make board game material, but each of them still happened. Rebellion, who is more than happy to make companion novels and other related goodies to their games, has announced that they’re opening up a new studio specifically to make board games based on their IPs. Named Rebellion Unplugged, this studio will focus entirely on board games. It’s headed by Duncan Molloy, who used to head popular board game studio Osprey Games.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley talked  about the new branch of the company:

We’re absolutely delighted to be launching Rebellion Unplugged My brother Chris and I have been making video games for more than 25 years, and our love of the medium has its roots in our childhood love of board games. We’ve got so many great games and comic book heroes and universes to draw from too, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Additionally, Rebellion Unplugged has also announced its first project: a board game based on the Sniper Elite series. Simply being called Sniper Elite the Board Game, there aren’t that many details yet on how it will actually play. However, you can find out by taking a trip to PAX Unplugged—the board game spin-off of the popular PAX shows—when it’s in Philadelphia this December. After that, Rebellion promises that the game will hit Kickstarter sometime in 2020, giving players a chance to back it. While there haven’t been board games announced for any of their other IPs yet, the press release goes out of its way to mention Rebellion also owns the Zombie Army and Evil Genius IPs, possibly giving a hint on their next board game adaptions.

The Sniper Elite series is a World War 2 third-person shooter series focusing on stealth and sniping. The series is rather infamous for its extremely gory slow-motion kills, the likes of which put Mortal Kombat to shame. The most recent entry was 2017’s Sniper Elite 4, though new games in the IP are currently in the works.