Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake is Already Working on a ‘New Story’

Remedy’s Control hit store shelves several weeks ago and has plenty of story DLC on the horizon. However, Creative Director Sam Lake is apparently already hard at work on a “new story.” Is it something new in relation to Control? Maybe a project concerning the beloved Alan Wake? Or a new IP entirely? It’s anyone’s guess for now, especially since neither Lake himself nor Remedy is offering up any specifics.

Lake made note of his next writing project in a post on Twitter:

Again, at present, what he may have planned is anyone’s guess. One quick glance at replies from fans on Twitter indicates that many are hoping for an Alan Wake follow-up. The likelihood of that happening also remains a mystery. However, given that the franchise’s publishing rights recently reverted back to Remedy, almost anything seems possible, especially given one of Control’s expansions seeming to hint at an Alan Wake tie-in.

Lake potentially beginning work on the Alan Wake TV series seems another possibility since he will serve in an executive producer role. Peter Calloway, showrunner for FX’s Legion series, is at the helm.

Seemingly, the most obvious of the potential projects is an entirely new one. After all, Lake did point out in the above tweet that he’s working on a “new story.” Considering Remedy’s track record with sequels, the studio moving beyond all of its past IPs to work on a fresh type of experience is almost fitting. For the time being, all fans can do is wait and see.