Kingdom Hearts III Re:MIND DLC to Feature Photo Mode and New Difficulty Settings

Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:MIND DLC received new details during the Kingdom Hearts III concert in Osaka, Japan. The game’s Director, Tetsuya Nomura, delivered the news himself, but still couldn’t divulge release date information. Still, what is now known may excite many a Kingdom Hearts fan. Notably, the Re:MIND DLC will bring with it a Photo Mode, Slideshow Mode, Fast Pass Mode, and “Black Code.” The first two features seem pretty self-explanatory. Meanwhile, the latter two will allow players to tinker with the game’s difficulty settings.

Twitter user Melanie relayed these details over the weekend in a thread on her account. Said thread begins with the following post:

With Photo Mode, players will have the option to pose any of the game’s characters as they see fit. This includes both heroes and villains, according to Melanie. “Props and background effects” will feature as well. During the demonstration, example props were things such as dream eaters, sparkles, and a giant pancake. Better still, Slideshow Mode is set to elevate picture settings even further. The photos players create can feature in a slideshow, complete with their choice of background music, transitions, and zooms. Apparently, the possibilities are vast.

Re: MIND’s Fast Pass Mode and Black Code will add extra difficulty settings to the experience. Essentially, Fast Pass will see fans dispatch enemies in one-shot. Black Code, on the other hand, will permit a different kind of difficulty adjustment. Namely, tuning the game to extra hard will be an option, in addition to choosing how much health the player has at their disposal. In the thread, Melanie said myriad other difficulty settings flashed during the demonstration, but there were too many to commit to memory.

Melanie’s Twitter thread suggests a new trailer may surface sometime this month. However, Nomura is still keeping the DLC’s launch date under wraps. According to the Twitter user, the Director noted he can’t unveil an exact date just yet, as fans would “get mad at him.”

Kingdom Hearts III Re:MIND will launch this winter, though a December date now seems an unlikely possibility. Perhaps Nomura and Co. are planning for a January or February release? Hopefully, we’ll known soon enough.

[Source: Melanie on Twitter via Eurogamer]