the outlast trials

Next Outlast is The Outlast Trials, a Cold War-Set Experience that Adds to the Horror With 4-Player Co-op

This past Halloween, Red Barrels shared a teaser image that hinted at another venture in the Outlast universe. It should come as no surprise, then, that a third Outlast title is indeed in the works. Titled The Outlast Trials, this new adventure is different from previous entries, however, in that players will have the option to experience the horror with up to three friends in four-player co-op. For now, The Outlast Trials, set to launch on consoles and PC, lacks an official release date.

The Outlast Trials is set in the Cold War era, where players will take on the role of test subjects. Currently, the title remains in the “early stages of production.” According to Red Barrels’ press release, production is now in the process of “ramping up.” As such, it could be a while before fans get their hands on whatever the new experience may entail.

While The Outlast Trials will indeed offer players a four-player co-op experience, fans will be able to navigate the world on their own. At the time of writing, though, details about what new terrors Red Barrels has in store remains under wraps. In fact, apart from the mention of test subjects and the Cold War setting, nothing is known about the game’s core premise. Given Outlast’s rather extensive lore across the first two games and expansions, it seems anything is possible.

Red Barrels did share another teaser image, however. Check it out below:

the outlast trials

According to David Chateauneuf, Red Barrels’ Co-founder, this Outlast spinoff “will bring fear and anxiety to millions of players.” Considering the previous two Outlast experiences, there seems no reason to doubt him. The goggles the characters are wearing could also potentially hint at a VR experience? Though Red Barrels hasn’t officially announced platforms aside from a generic “consoles and PC” line.

[Source: Red Barrels via Gematsu]