The Original Dying Light Has Reached a Player-Base of 17 Million

While Techland still seems unwilling to share sales-related specifics, the studio has often shared updates about the original Dying Light’s player-base. The most recent tally suggests the title’s number of players have seen a considerable increase this year alone. Reportedly, since launch, Dying Light’s number of players has swelled to a total of 17 million.

This figure comes courtesy of Dying Light 2’s Creative Director, Tymon Smektała, who shared the details during a recent interview with Xbox: The Official Magazine. Smektała told the publication, “the first Dying Light was a huge success for Techland, garnering a huge following of over 17 million players.”

How the number of players translates to pure sales data currently remains a mystery. Still, this warrants consideration as an impressive feat. Earlier this year, the team announced that 16 million players had taken part in Dying Light’s post-apocalyptic world. No doubt the increase since then is due in large part to Techland’s building towards the sequel. Techland’s continued support of the original game also likely serves as a reason new players are jumping aboard. The most recent addition to Dying Light came in the form of a crossover event with Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2.

All in all, the game is selling well enough to have landed a spot on NPD’s list of best-selling survival horror titles in the United States. As of this past August, Dying Light sat at number three on the list.

Dying Light 2 will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms in spring 2020. However, a recent report alleges the highly-anticipated sequel may not launch until sometime in June.

[Source: Xbox: The Official Magazine via SegmentNext]