Untitled Goose Game Sales

Untitled Goose Game Surpasses One Million Copies Sold Across All Platforms

Following its September 2019 release, the beloved Untitled Goose Game has surpassed one million copies sold. This sales milestone was reached last week, just over three months since its initial debut on PC and Nintendo Switch. Untitled Goose Game was finally released on PS4 earlier this December and these sales presumably include the PlayStation copies sold.

This news comes by way of a tweet from a rep at Panic, the game’s publisher:

Untitled Goose Game is a pseudo stealth/puzzle game, with an emphasis on humor. You play as a goose with the goal of terrorizing a village. Only you aren’t killing anyone or shooting guns. Instead, you’re tasked with causing mischief through minor inconveniences, like dropping a bucket on someone’s head or hiding their boots. The game spawned many memes, with lots of them poking fun at the severity of the goose’s destruction or including the goose in other games or media.

Now that it’s on PS4, you can enjoy earning trophies throughout your playthrough. And don’t worry, it’s got a platinum that can be achieved with moderate effort.

House House is an indie developer from Melbourne, Australia, best known for its work on Push Me Pull You prior to Goose Game. The idea for Untitled Goose Game came from a joke in the company’s Slack channel, in which an employee posted a stock photo of a goose. After numerous jokes, the team decided to turn it into an actual game.

Congratulations to everyone at House House and Panic for reaching one million Untitled Goose Game sales. Here’s to a million more!

[Source: Twitter]