The Witness’ Jonathan Blow is Only ‘Excited About Some’ Next-Gen Consoles

Jonathan Blow, the game designer behind indie gems Braid and The Witness, very rarely speaks publicly. His latest comment, brief as it may be, is likely to spark a bit of interest, however. A recent live stream on Twitch saw the developer make mention of next-generation hardware. In doing so, he touched on where his own interests lie. Apparently, only “some” of the next-gen consoles excite Blow, one of which does seem to include the PlayStation 5.

According to Wccftech, Blow told Twitch viewers the following: “I’m excited about some consoles in the next-generation, let’s put it that way. PS5 is pretty good.” Naturally, this could be construed as a low blow (no pun intended) to certain platform holders, particularly if the platform holder is not Sony. However, Blow’s comment about the PlayStation 5 could hint at a semblance of clarity. Perhaps he merely commented on the consoles he’s received a devkit for? Of course, without the developer offering clarification, no one can quite no for sure what he meant.

Blow’s words also seem unclear because of his mention of “some consoles.” Does this serve as a reference to systems other than PS5 and next Xbox platforms? Or, might he have additionally taken into account other models for the next Xbox, such as the reportedly less powerful Lockhart device?

Jonathan Blow’s most recent title, The Witness, launched early in 2016. At the time of writing, his next project lacks an official title, but did receive a short tease during Reboot Develop 2017.

The PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves on an unspecified date during holiday 2020.

[Source: Twitch via Wccftech]