Rocket League’s Lucky Lanterns Event Kicks Off the Lunar New Year With Tons of In-Game Goodies

Like many live-service games, Rocket League is getting a new holiday-themed event, this time to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Dubbed “Lucky Lanterns,” this event adds items inspired by the Lantern Festival, a Chinese celebration of the start of the lunisolar year. Be on the lookout for Red Envelopes after playing online matches, which can be redeemed for Lantern Festival-themed items like a Paper Dragon Topper, Fortune Wheels, and a handful of others. You’ll also gain access to a new stage called Forbidden Temple Arena. Lucky Lanterns will kick off on all platforms starting on January 20, 2020, and run until February 10, 2020 (make sure you redeem your Red Envelopes before they expire on February 13th). Red Envelopes can also be used to gain access to Golden Lanterns. These items contain rewards from Impact, Overdrive, and Victory Series.

Here’s a trailer for the Lucky Lanterns event:

And you can enjoy some new screenshots showing off some of the event’s new items, too:

The other new addition of note is the Forbidden Temple Arena, a new stage that features beautiful Chinese architecture and other Lantern Festival imagery.

Don’t forget, Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 5 is live now, which gives you the opportunity to earn in-game items like decals, along with new blueprints, and Season 12 rewards. Blueprints have replaced the game’s old Crate system, giving players a more transparent look at what they’re getting before they buy.

This event continues Psyonix’s ongoing support for Rocket League. Nearly every month, the game has gotten at least some sort of update, whether it’s a huge add-on that features lots of content, hotfixes, or limited-time seasonal events like Lucky Lanterns. Since its release in 2015, Rocket League has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most popular live-service games ever.

Make sure to check in on January 20th to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Rocket League!

[Source: Psyonix]