EA Wants to Publish 14 Games in the Next Fiscal Year

It’s a challenge to get a game fully released, but that’s not going to stop EA, who wants to put out 14 of them in Fiscal Year 2021. During an earnings report, they talked some about goals for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts in April 2020, and the biggest is the plan to publish 14 titles. In the last fiscal year, EA only planned to publish eight, and of those, the ill-fated NBA Live 20 was ultimately canceled. While all 14 titles may not see release in that timeframe, it’s still the goal.

Of these 14 titles, 10 will be developed in-house. Two of them are going to be mobile games. Of the remaining eight, four are sports games, with EA going on to confirm that one will be Madden 2021 and another would be FIFA 2021. The other two sports games are still unknown, though EA did say they were going to try and bring back the NBA Live series for 2021. Considering EA has released an NHL game every year since 1991, an NHL 2021 doesn’t seem that unlikely as one of the mystery games.

For the other four in-house titles, EA said they would “draw from the breadth of EA’s IP.” This could mean a number of possibilities. There are a few projects we already know are likely not coming in that timeframe; EA said that new Battlefield and Dragon Age games would be waiting until the following fiscal year. We do know that EA has both a remake of the original Command & Conquer and VR first-person shooter Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond in the works, but it’s unclear if those are part of these four games. There’s still hope for that Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

The final four titles are going to be games EA is publishing that are created by other developers. Last year they published Sea of Solitude, and the year before that they had hits like A Way Out and Fe. While there’s no word on what these new games will be yet, it’s always nice to see EA helping out some of the indie developers.

Given the time intersects with the next-gen console releases, it’s expected that at least some of these titles will be PlayStation 5 games.

[Source: Games Industry]