Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus

Death Stranding’s Norman Reedus ‘In Talks’ to Work on Another Project With Hideo Kojima

At the end of last year, Sony and Kojima Productions shipped Death Stranding—a game about connections, travel, and slow, deliberate gameplay. The project starred many high profile actors, including The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as the main protagonist. According to Reedus, this won’t be the last collaboration between him and Kojima. The two are “in talks” to work on something else in the future, though, it’s worth noting that there’s no confirmation on whether it’ll be a game, film, or something entirely different.

In a WIRED video, Reedus answered a series of rapid-fire interview questions pertaining to his career and other basic facts. One of the questions was in reference to his partnership with Kojima. Norman explained how their friendship began and dropped hints about the future:

…And then I met Hideo at Comic Con in San Diego. He came out, back when we were going to do a different game and he showed me what he was working on and I was just blown away. The guy is like a super genius. And then I became friends with him, started working with him, and we kept going. So we did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff.

You can check out the entire 15-minute long interview below (the Kojima section begins at the 4:10 mark):

Death Stranding was not the first project the duo worked on together. Back in 2015 when Kojima was still at Konami, the famous P.T. demo released, which ended up being a teaser for what would have been Silent Hills. The end of the demo revealed Reedus to be the protagonist of the game. However, this project was subsequently canceled following Kojima’s departure from the renowned Japanese studio.

Now, Kojima has his own independent studio called Kojima Productions and has the freedom to do pretty much what he pleases. The company isn’t exclusively a game developer, either. As confirmed by Kojima himself, the studio will work on films in the future in addition to games. A recent tease on Twitter had fans thinking the developer would be returning to the Silent Hill franchise, though the likelihood of this is low due since Konami still owns the IP.

[Source: YouTube]

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