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Cuphead-Inspired Platformer Enchanted Portals Adds PS4 Version Ahead of Kickstarter Relaunch

Though developer Xixo Game Studio previously delayed its Kickstarter Campaign for Enchanted Portals, the Cuphead-inspired 2D platformer will soon return to the crowdfunding platform. Moreover, ahead of the campaign’s forthcoming relaunch, the studio has confirmed plans for a PlayStation 4 version, in addition to Nintendo Switch and PC iterations. Details about Xixo Game Studio’s renewed Kickstarter Campaign, most notably a start date, have yet to emerge. A comment on the Facebook post indicates that they are current gauging interest before determining when to officially open the campaign, so if you’re interested, make sure to visit the page and click “Notify me on launch” to let the team know.

The company suspended its Kickstarter last fall, upon entering into negotiations with an unspecified publisher. Such talks clearly didn’t pan out as the game returns to request crowdfunding. In a post on Enchanted Portals‘ Facebook page, the team explained that a return to crowdfunding “would grant [them] more control over the project.”

Over the last several months, Xixo Game Studio has been hard at work on improving Enchanted Portals. Changes include making adjustments to gameplay speed, as well as emphasizing certain elements that will differentiate it from Studio MDHR Entertainment’s Cuphead. Namely, a “more diverse soundtrack” is in the works, allowing each world in Enchanted Portals to take advantage of a different style of music. Platforming stages have been added in recent months, too, featuring a variety of “character-environment interactions to spice up the gameplay.”

To show off some of the new changes, Xixo Game Studio released the following extended trailer. It gives a deeper look into the classic 2D animation art style, the myriad environments, and the cast of characters that players will meet:

Inspired by their love of Cuphead—which is definitely not coming to the PlayStation 4—two game developers in Spain banned together to create Enchanted Portals. The duo first announced the project last year. As of writing, the 2D platformer still lacks a release date.

[Source: Enchanted Portals on Facebook via Gematsu]