The Last of Us Part II Day One Patch Will Add in Photo Mode and a Model Viewer

The Last of Us Part II will feature a day one patch. It’s not exclusively adding the typical bug fixes and gameplay improvements, either. The sequel’s Update 1.01 patch notes show the day one update will introduce Photo Mode and a couple of other interesting features.

According to the patch notes via GearNuke, Update 1.01 will add in a Photo Mode, Concept Art Gallery, and Model Viewer. General bug fixes and other improvements are to feature in the day one update as well, alongside some extra accessibility options. The game already sports an impressive array of accessibility features, making it one of the most accessible games ever, not to mention in Naughty Dog’s portfolio. As of writing, there seems to be no word on the patch’s file size. Of course, the game by itself is quite the behemoth. The Last of Us Part II’s file size was recently reported to weigh approximately 78.3GB total without the unknown patch size factored in.

Naughty Dog’s latest isn’t the only Sony first-party exclusive to add in Photo Mode with a post-release patch. 2018’s God of War needed a similar update, though it rolled out weeks after launch.

The additional accessibility options count as another interesting addition to TLoU Part II’s day one patch. Recently, Naughty Dog devs teased the long-awaited sequel will serve as its most accessible adventure to date, boasting more than 60 accessibility options in total. Such features include an all-new high contrast mode for low-vision players, a variety of visual aids, audio cues, and adjustments for controls, navigation, and combat settings.

Late last month, Naughty Dog and Sony showcased an extensive look at gameplay during a State of Play broadcast. Fans can get their hands on The Last of Us Part II in just a couple of weeks on June 19th.

[Source: GearNuke]