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PS5 Reveal Was the Most Watched Gaming Stream in YouTube History (Update)

Update: It looks like we may have been bamboozled! There is no clear evidence that a “Millie Amand” works at YouTube as a Statistics Manager, so this account could very well be a fake. However, there were still some mighty impressive numbers from the reveal broadcast according to site Esports Charts, which pulled the YouTube and Twitch data to find it got more than 7 million views across all channels. Exactly how that stacks up against past gaming streams isn’t clear right now, but we can probably expect more official data in the coming weeks.

The standalone console design trailer already sports more than 10 million views by itself, and many of the games shown are in the millions of views as well.

Original: To say people are excited for the PS5 would be an understatement. As the time ticked down to the PS5 Future of Gaming live stream kicking off, the numbers across all channels kept rising. Even an hour before showtime, there were well over 100,000 people waiting to see what Sony was going to present. As the broadcast began, those numbers climbed even higher. Sony’s PS5 reveal became the most watched gaming stream in the history of YouTube, passing the viewers of all past console reveals and E3 press conferences.

The PS5 reveal event stats were confirmed by YouTube Statistics Manager Millie Amand.  This person may not actually exist. See update.

In another tweet, Amand revealed that a total of 7.32 million people watched the PS5 Future of Gaming event on YouTube alone. That doesn’t include numbers via Twitch, and it’s not clear if rebroadcasts and reaction streams with their own set of viewers on both YouTube and other platforms—like those from Kinda Funny or Parris Lilly—got factored into those totals. Still, those are massive numbers that reflect just how many eager fans have been waiting to see what’s next from Sony.

And the 75-minute long showcase didn’t disappoint, unleashing a barrage of titles across a diverse range of themes, developers, and styles. There was a little something for everyone, including those massive first-party game reveals like the Horizon sequel we’ve been waiting for, third-party powerhouses like the next Resident Evil, and exciting indie games such as Returnal.

At the end, Sony finally gave everyone what they’d been waiting for. They unveiled the PS5 console design, showing off a unique and radical design that’s a bit of a departure from the usual “black box” consoles we’re used to. The Future of Gaming event feels like a catalysts, finally pulling the industry conversation towards the next-generation of consoles. Now that both Microsoft and Sony have their next-gen cards on the board, we can truly start that journey towards the PS5 release date later this year.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release holiday 2020.