EA Play Reveal: SKATE 4(?) Is Real, and No, You Can’t See It

Talk about a tease. The EA Play Live 2020 stream was a fast 45 minutes but had one actual reveal at the end–quite possibly the only one anyone cares about. Before saying goodbye, host Greg “Geoff Keighley” Miller threw it to Ea’s Laura Miele who hyped some vague next-gen developments before finally sending it to Cuz Perry and Derang Chung, the Creative and Game Directors of the newly announced SKATE 4. Or SKATE Next. Or the New SKATE Snap. Whatever it’s going to be called. Yes, it’s real. Sadly, there was nothing to show besides two dudes very clearly excited about the return of a franchise that feels like its been asked about for, well… a decade.

They literally say “You commented this into existence.”

“We’re back. SKATE is happening. The skate evolution continues,” says Perry in the EA Play Live presser. I wish there was more to say or show in regards to this announcement, but Perry and Chung were tight-lipped with any actual information or even showing a real logo. In fact, all the pair say in the reveal is that “SKATE is back,” so even the number four in the title is presumed. Regardless, this feels like a long time coming for a series that was seemingly left in the gutter despite being a bit of an underdog hit.

2020 is turning out to be a big year for skateboarding, as not only is SKATE now making a return but this is also the year of a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Or a new old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Whatever. The tween I was in 1998 would be incredibly excited to hear that skating of boards is alive and well, even twenty years after the year 2000.  Even if it has been a long while since we here at PlayStation LifeStyle even uttered the word SKATE, I’m more than happy to see the franchise making a return to form, presumably to the next generation of consoles in a couple of years.

Keep your eyes on us here at PlayStation LifeStyle for more information on all things SKATE as it becomes available, whenever that may potentially end up being.