Ghost of Tsushima Dropped Lock-On Mechanic in Favor of More Fluid Combat and Quicker Movements

Sucker Punch Productions has said that it chose to drop lock-on mechanic in Ghost of Tsushima to enable more fluid combat and quicker movements as players have to take on enemies coming at them from all angles.

Speaking to GameSpot, narrative director Nate Fox explained that when the developers watched samurai films for inspiration, they noticed that fighters are often attacked by a group of enemies and they quickly switch their attention from one enemy to another. According to Fox, a lock-on mechanic would have slowed movements down.

Working on the combat, we watched samurai films, which are of course an inspiration for the feeling of this game. And the fighters in those movies will often have to switch their attention very fluidly from one incoming foe to another. So the combat is built around dealing with a variety of enemies, a group of them. We tried to give [the Mongols] a feeling of being like a wolf pack that would surround you. And only through skill could you fend them off as they came at you from all sides. If we had a lock-on you wouldn’t have been able to move as quickly between the different opponents as they came in at you.

Ghost of Tsushima‘s satisfying and fluid combat has been lauded by critics, many of whom – including PlayStation LifeStyle’s very own Paulmichael Contreras – have noted that it feels consistently rewarding.

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[Source: GameSpot]