Ghost of Tsushima Featured a Lot of Claustrophobic Forests in Early Development, Sucker Punch Reveals

Ghost of Tsushima has been unanimously praised for its lush world featuring various landscapes but in the first few years of development, the game’s world was full of forests that evoked feelings of claustrophobia.

That’s according to Art Director Jason Connell, who told IGN that Sucker Punch sought inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus to add open fields to the game.

When we had the game built for the first, maybe, two years, it was a lot of forests. It was a ton of trees and…you always felt like you were in this claustrophobic tunnel. [It was] beautiful, but really deep, forestation, which does a couple of things. It is very cool, but it makes it hard to know where you are without a compass or a mini map, something giving you that extra information your brain is really needing. What we did was we started opening up fields, and I definitely pulled some Shadow of the Colossus photos out, and [said], ‘Fields!’ as reference because it just feels so spic when you’re going through a massive field.

Connell added that Sucker Punch’s goal was to strike a perfect balance between dense and open areas, giving players a variety of things and landscapes to run into when traversing the world. That probably explains why some of us at PlayStation LifeStyle still haven’t managed to finish the story and keep finding different things to do!

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[Source: IGN]