Marvel’s Avengers to Launch With a Day One Patch Clocking in at 18GB

Like many other titles, Marvel’s Avengers will release with a day one patch in tow. Those who pick up a physical copy will need an internet connection to download the patch, which weighs about 18GB. Meanwhile, players who buy digitally should receive the day one update along with the title’s download. Following the day one patch, an internet connection won’t be necessary for solo play.

According to a Square Enix blog post, the relatively large day one patch features a number of mandatory fixes and adjustments. Several changes are a response to feedback received throughout the recently run beta weekends. Feedback proved especially helpful in tackling bugs, tuning game balance, and refining overall performance. Since Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are localizing Marvel’s Avengers across 15 languages, the update also boasts “extensive” localization files. Interestingly, the 18GB day one patch is on top of Marvel’s Avengers‘ 90GB file size.

The blog post further outlines what all players will get to experience upon booting up the game.

  • A Full-length campaign featuring an original Avengers narrative
  • 6 Heroes, each with 50+ skills to upgrade + gear/outfits to unlock
  • 80+ War Zones/Drop Zones to play with friends or your AI Avengers
  • Regularly updated Priority HARM Challenges & Priority Missions
  • Later game mission types like Hives and Villain Sectors
  • 50+ enemy types to master
  • And in the future, new playable Avengers like Hawkeye, as well as new story content and regions–all at no additional cost

Marvel’s Avengers launches digitally and at retail next week on September 4th for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. As referenced above, Hawkeye will serve as the first post-launch character. However, as of writing, Crystal Dynamics has yet to announce when he’ll join the roster.

[Source: Square Enix Blog via VG247]